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Partners In Hyper Growth

Architecture Evaluation

Are you worried about a big project or redesign? Is your current architecture giving you significant availability or scalability problems? We will evaluate your high level architecture and suggest appropriate changes to help increase your availability and increase your future scalability…
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Due Diligence

Make sure that you know what you are buying before you invest! We review your investment objectives, perform due diligence on your behalf and create a technical, organizational and product SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) for your review…
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Interim Leadership

Need someone to lead your technology team for a period of time? Need a mentor for your chief technology or product executive? We also help interview candidates for these positions…
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Security Assessment

Are you concerned with your company’s security profile, it’s ability to manage risk, or trying to determine how compliance and regulations should impact your company’s security program?  We will review your security program and match it with your business and technology objectives, to make sure your program aligns with your strategy, manages risks appropriately without creating unwieldy costs, and is applied appropriately throughout the organization.
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Software as a Service (SaaS) Migrations

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a completely different world from packaged software, enterprise software or “on-prem” software development.  The approaches that make a company successful in the delivery of “shipped” software will result in software that does not scale and that is too costly to operate in the SaaS world…
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Agile Training & Organization Structure

Are you switching from a waterfall to agile methodology? Have you made the switch but aren’t seeing all the benefits? We have trained agile coaches who can put together a custom agile training course for your team and help align your organization to optimize time-to-market…
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Growth Strategies

From years of research we have a keen understanding of what factors influence a product or service achieving sustained viral growth. While other consultants and product marketers focus on word-of-mouth we understand the need for more than funny videos. We can help you design your product and processes to best achieve these results.
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The Art of Scalability Book

The Art of Scalability teaches technology executives engineers and architects how to solve technology scalability problems through changes in their architecture, processes and organization structure.

The Art of Scalability Book

Scalability Rules brings together 50 rules that are grounded in experience garnered from over a hundred companies. Put together and organized to be easily read and referenced for rapid application to nearly any technical environment.