AKF Partners

Abbott, Keeven & Fisher Partners Partners in Growth


AKF Partners help you scale your business and accelerate your growth.


Due Diligence

Make sure that you know what you are buying before you invest! We review your investment objectives, perform due diligence on your behalf and produce a technical, organizational, and product analysis for your review.

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Growth Assessment

In over a decade of working with technology companies we’ve seen everything from failed Agile implementations to massive data losses. We’ve helped teams that had week long outages and teams that couldn’t add an email address field without 100 hours of development effort. Let us be your partner to ensure your system and team are optimized.

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Security Assessment

Worried about your system’s security profile or an upcoming audit? Don’t feel like you have a handle on security processes? We can help with by preparing you ahead of time or guiding you to react properly afterwards.

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Private Growth Workshop

We can customize a workshop experience to educate your organization on topics such as Agile training, scalability and availability improvement techniques, organizing for innovation, and much more. 

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Interim Leadership Positions

Need someone to lead your technology team for a period of time? Need a mentor for your chief technology or product executive? We can fill these roles, help interview candidates for these positions, or mentor people in these roles.

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