GROWTH BLOG: Achieving Team Autonomy not Anarchy
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Product Organization Consulting Services

AKF Partners brings decades of hands-on executive operational experience, years of primary research, and over a decade of successful consulting experience to the realm of product organization structure.  We can help identify and resolve why:

  • you seem to slow down in delivery as you grow your product team
  • your cost of product delivery seems to increase per unit of work created
  • your teams seem to be less innovative as you grow
  • quality seems to decline even as you grow your QA and engineering teams.

Getting Bigger Need Not Mean Getting Fatter and Slower
Our research and experience has uncovered a new way of organizing product teams that helps ensure:

  • Faster relative time to market
  • Higher retention of key talent
  • Lower cost of development
  • Higher overall quality
  • Higher relative levels of innovation

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