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Interim Technology Leadership

AKF Partners brings decades of real-world experience as CTOs, VPs of Engineering, Chief Architects, and Technical Operations leaders. We can fill vacancies in your technology leadership team, we can help source and interview candidates for these positions, or we can mentor people stepping up into these roles. Hiring the right person can take weeks or even months. Don’t rush the process just to fill the position. We can step in giving you time to recruit and retain the right person for the long term.

The list below is a sample of the interim leadership roles that AKF Partners have held recently:

  • CTO of online marketing analytics company in NYC
  • Highlights of the interim CTO engagement include: Executed a cutover to Azure in three weeks; shut down two data centers in four weeks, lowered data center operating costs by $500k per year, reorganized technology team; promoted a new VP and built two agile teams.

  • SVP of Operations for online accounting and tax company in Mountain View, CA
  • Highlights of the interim engagement include: The re-organization eliminated both the perception and the reality of silos, uniting employees in a common purpose; created shared ownership by decentralizing decision-making, fostering innovation, and leading to faster time to market; improved reporting beginning with business impact analysis and availability trends; improved availability by creating fault isolation helping to reduce both the duration and number of incidents that impact customers.

  • Chief Architect for SaaS IT Service business in San Diego, CA
  • Highlights of the engagement include: A new architecture that reduced replication lag, minimal loss of data during a failure, and a significant reduction of server recovery time (from a day to minutes); the data center recovery time, in the event of a failure or complete loss, was also reduced to minutes; significant reductions in TCO were also realized.

Whether you need a leader for a project or to fill a vacancy, we can help. Let us take the pressure off of quickly filling a role and take the risk out of hiring the wrong person. AKF can provide technical leadership, write job descriptions, help recruit, interview, and ultimately assist with the transition to the new leader.

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