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Digital Transformation Services & Consulting

AKF Partners offers everything you need for a complete digital transformation of your company.
Are you:

  • a brick and mortar business trying to make sense of how you should convert your business to be successful in a digital world?
  • a bank attempting to move customers out of a branch and to the internet?
  • a retailer attempting to compete against the “born digital” competition?
  • an on-premise software or solutions provider looking to compete in the anything-as-a-service world?

We can help! As part of our digital consultancy, we review your:

  • Digital Business Strategy
  • Digital Financial Operations and Capital Allocation
  • Digital Solution Approach to Market covering TAM, SAM and SOM
  • Digital Solution Architecture
  • Digital Architecture
  • Digital Engineering, IT Processes, PDLC/SDLC
  • Digital Technical Operations

Each of the above is evaluated against AKF best practices and your desired business outcomes.  We validate your desired outcomes and produce a plan to achieve them.  We’ll even help you execute it, augmenting your team with former executives who have “seen it and done it” before.

We Can Help!
We’ve helped dozens of companies, from very successful Fortune 100 companies to small but established “mom and pop” shops, make successful digital transitions.  AKF Partners can help you with both your transition strategy and transition execution.

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