AKF Partners

Abbott, Keeven & Fisher Partners Partners in Technology


Scalability and Growth Assessment, Technical Due Diligence and Interim Technology Leadership Services


Technical Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence, IT Due Diligence, and Technology Due Diligence of Online Technology Products

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Technology, Scalability and Availability Consulting

Systems Architecture, Organization and Process Scalability and Growth Assessments for SaaS and Tech Product Companies

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Information Security Consulting

Information Security Assessment and Audit Services

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Scalability and Growth Workshops & Training

Scalability Training, Agile Training, Scalability Design, Organizing for Innovation and other Product Growth Topics

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Product Organization Consulting Services

Organizational consulting focused on helping you implement a product organization structure consistent with your cost, time to market, quality and innovation needs.

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Interim Technology Leadership

Interim Executive Technology Leadership Services and Execution for CEO, CTO, VP of Engineering, Chief Architect, VP of Operations, CISO and other Senior Roles

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