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AI and ML Assessment

Want to know how Artificial Intelligence (AI) or any of its subfields (Neural Networks, Expert Systems, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, etc) can assist you in your current offerings, or help to extend your product or services?
Interested in knowing how your AI-focused teams, systems, processes and capabilities compare to the best in class and how they can be modified or extended to create greater business value?

AKF Partners helps companies plan, create, evaluate and extend artificial intelligence solutions to turbo-charge their business.  Our product and tech focused approach will:

    Evaluate current market opportunities for your business and approach to market
    Assess your current company capabilities against the market potential
    Define approaches to remediate weaknesses and threats along the dimensions of product, technology, process, organization structure and organization skills
    Define approaches to capitalize on opportunities
    Leverage the above to develop a strategy and operational approach to unlock the value of AI within your organization and your product

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