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Technology Consulting

AKF Partners brings decades of real-world experience as CTOs, VPs of Engineering, Chief Architects, and Technical Operations leaders. We can evaluate and assess projects, systems, organizations, processes, and security to ensure you are utilizing industry best practices in your entire product development life cycle. We have worked with hundreds of technology companies from small startups to Fortune 10 companies helping them improve their architecture, organization, processes, and security. We provide an independent, outside perspective that can help talented teams get even better.

  • Are you worried about a big project or redesign?
  • Is your current architecture giving you significant availability or scalability problems?
  • Are you getting the most out of your agile teams?
  • Has time-to-market slowed down despite growing the team?
  • Are you concerned about personnel or system security?
  • Have you tried to implement new processes but failed?

Whatever is keeping you up at night, we can help!
In over a decade of working with technology companies we’ve seen everything from failed Agile implementations to massive data losses. We’ve helped teams that had week long outages and teams that couldn’t add an email address field without 100 hours of development effort. Let us be your partner to ensure your system and team are optimized.

Our evaluations cover all of these topics and more:
- Hardware and software architecture described at a systems level.
- Software architecture describing how the code is structured, patterns, etc.
- Database, data access layer, and data storage discussion.
- Organization structure of business and technology units to align with architecture.
- Software processes including standards, branching, code reviews, unit tests, etc.
- Technical operations process from release into production through daily support (monitoring, alerting, ticketing, postmortem, etc.).
- Data center and hosting providers from a skills, budget, geography perspective including various options for cloud, physical, or hybrid models.
- Monitoring infrastructure, application, and business metrics for early fault detection.
- Security processes including firewall, DDOS protection, environment access, and employee training.

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