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Technology Consulting, Technical Due Diligence and Interim Technology Leadership Services


Technology Consulting

Our technology consulting services include:

  • Technology architecture evaluation, development and creation.
  • Product organization evaluation and development.
  • Process (PDLC, SDLC, Operations, Infrastructure, Architecture) evaluation and development.
  • Technology strategy evaluation and development.
  • Product strategy evaluation for online technology products.

Unlike traditional technology consulting firms, AKF Partners brings decades of real-world experience as CEOs, COOs, CTOs, VPs of Engineering, Chief Architects, and Technical Operations leaders. Our technology consultants apply AKF proprietary models to assess your projects, architecture, organization, process and security.  Our models not only identify what needs to be fixed, they help inform the path to success.

Whereas most technology consulting firms look to find ways to increase client billings, we measure ourselves by partner success.

  • Are you worried about a big project or redesign?
  • Is your current architecture giving you significant availability or scalability problems?
  • Are you getting the most out of your agile teams?
  • Has time-to-market slowed down despite growing the team?
  • Are you concerned about personnel or system security?
  • Have you tried to implement new processes but failed?

Whatever is keeping you up at night, we can help!
In over a decade of working with technology companies we’ve seen everything from failed Agile implementations to week long outages coupled with massive data losses. Choose us as your technology consulting partner, and we will help guide you to the path of success.

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