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Delivery Coaching

Delivery Coaching connects your solution architecture, engineering processes, product processes and operational processes.

Many of our clients know that they need to install solutions and processes that support the promise and vision of DevOps:

  • higher levels of test automation,
  • better monitoring infrastructure,
  • faster and more effective continuous integration pipelines, and
  • an easier way to understand customer impact in real time.

These clients want help prioritizing, defining and implementing the solutions to achieve faster time to market, at lower cost and with higher quality.  All of these outcomes should improve customer acquisition and loyalty.

To that end, our delivery coaching addresses all the following and more.  With our V Delivery Model, we define, design, and help manage:

  • Outcome Focused Measurements.  We help you establish KPIs and metrics associated with your delivery pipeline. We tie them back to the drivers of your business.
  • Business critical monitoring and telemetry aligned with your desired business outcomes.  We help you connect system metrics to business metrics to full journey analysis.
  • Automated test systems.  From unit testing to system integration and load testing.
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment Pipelines.  Automate everything a machine should be doing to free up valuable engineering and product time.
  • Production Automation and Orchestration.  Whether in the cloud or on-premise, we can help you automate deployments to different audiences (e.g. blue/green) or different markets (e.g. data residency).
  • Holistic Product Lifecyle Integration.  From annual to quarterly to sprint planning to releases to support, we help you connect different planning and management systems.
  • Taking Care of Your Customers.  Throughout the customer journey, measure and improve delivery across all of your human and digital touchpoints.

Leading and implementing all components is difficult to find from a single provider. AKF can provide all components with a small team of industry experts. Our experts are former leaders of software organizations that have gone through these transformations. Many have both engineering undergrads and MBAs.

Contact us to see how our Delivery Coaching can help your organization.

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