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2016 Scalabilty Workshop Series

By Drew  |  Posted on February, 8 2016

AKF Partners is expanding its popular Scalability Workshop series in 2016 to include four workshop events throughout the year.  Each workshop is a unique two-day event designed for current CTOs, VPs of Engineering, Chief Architects, and other technology executives who want to improve their management, leadership, and technology skills.  Marty Abbott, Mike Fisher, and Drew Morrell from AKF Partners will share their combined decades of experience as CTOs and technology executives at both large organizations and start-ups.

Upcoming 2016 Workshops:

AKF Scalability Workshop – Boston
Sept 21-22 in Boston

Register Here: http://bostonscalabilityworkshop.eventbrite.com

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Attendee Cohorts:

Nearly every participant in one of last year’s workshops expressed that they’d love a way to continue the collaboration with other participants and the AKF team after the 2-day event concluded.  This year we are adding an Attendee Cohort component to all of our workshops to do just that.  Participants from each workshop will be invited to join a forum dedicated exclusively to them and their fellow classmates.  This will provide a mechanism to continue relationship development, discuss past technology experiences (good and bad), and ask questions of others who are facing similar challenges.  Additionally, it’s a great way to interact with AKF Partners on an on-going basis.  We’ll continuously seed the forum with relevant topics and tools.  We hope this helps you maintain the momentum from the workshop long after the event itself ends.

Quotes from Past Participants:

“Imagine taking decades of experience and packing it into two days. Highly recommended for any technical executive, no matter what stage the company is in.”

“I have a much more holistic picture on what it takes to scale an organization and it’s technology, and have more tools to help me do so.”

“It’s a must for anyone trying to scale their platform. The level of people, both presenters and participants, was first rate.”

“Great session, we enjoyed the discussions with the other companies, and some of the ideas are already having an impact on our processes and planning.”

“This is a great training and experience. We’ve been learning, networking and having a lot of fun.”

“Best overall CTO conference I’ve been to! I enjoyed the open dialog and conversations throughout the event.”

“AKF’s positive obsession with the need for technology organizations to add value by effectively scaling human talent and technical components should be required training for technology leaders.”


Scalability Workshop - Boston

By Drew  |  Posted on June, 29 2016

AKF Scalability Workshop – BOS
September 21 - 22, 2016 in Boston

Register Here: bostonscalabilityworkshop.eventbrite.com

Workshop Overview

Our workshop is designed for technology executives who are responsible for delivering highly available and highly scalable technical platforms & products.  The principles we share can be applied to large organizations and start-ups alike.  Our principles are technology-agnostic – we believe you can successfully scale with almost any technology if key concepts are followed.  During our two-day workshop, you’ll participate in sessions that integrate our experience, research, and the work we’ve done with over 350 clients since 2007. 

How is the workshop structured?

The workshop is delivered in 14 collaborative sessions over the 2-day event.  While a member of the AKF team will lead the discussion in each session, much of the interaction comes from the participants themselves.  We keep the session size limited so that each attendee can be an active part of the conversation, share experiences, and ask questions from other executives who have been in your shoes.  You’ll leave the workshop with principles, tools, and examples that you can continuously apply to your platform and organization.

Who should attend the workshop?

Our event is designed for current CTOs, VPs of Engineering, Chief Architects, and other technology executives who want to improve their management, leadership, and technology skills.  We help companies scale their technology and product platforms.  Although nearly any technical organization would benefit from the lessons shared in the workshop, our sessions will provide the most value to companies that use technology to deliver their core product or service (e.g. SaaS, eCommerce). 

What topics are covered in the workshop?

The CTO Role: A discussion on the diversity of expectations and responsibilities from the 400 companies we have worked with at AKF Partners.
The Right People & Roles: Ensuring the right talent is placed in positions for success.
Management & Leadership: The skills of a transformational leader and highly effective manager.
Conflict & Innovation: A discussion of good and bad conflicts in organizations and how to increase innovation.
Multidisciplinary Agile Teams: Building innovative teams with diverse experience and skills.
Team Goals & KPIs: Setting goals, metrics, and KPIs for Agile teams to ensure success.
The Experiential Chasm: The widening gap between business leaders and technology leaders and how to close it.
Service Delivery Mindset: The most successful technology organizations are structured with a service oriented mindset and we will discuss how to transform your organization and mindset.
AKF Risk Model: Our viewpoint of risk and how to manage it successfully in your architecture, people, and processes.
Highly Scalable Architectures: An in-depth look at creating highly scalable and available architectures
AKF Scale Cube: Our approach to designing highly scalable architectures.
Creating Fault Isolation: The importance of isolation for availability and time to market.
Architecture Principles: An in-depth look at the top architecture principles and how to apply them.
Processes for a Learning Organization: The most effective processes to put in place to create a successful learning organization.

Who will be teaching this workshop?

The workshop will be delivered by two of AKF’s Managing Partners, Marty Abbott and Mike Fisher, as well as Associate Partner Drew Morrell.  Marty and Mike helped found AKF Partners nine years ago with the goal of leveraging their successes (and failures!) as technology executives to help other companies prepare for and achieve hyper-growth.  To date, AKF has helped over 350 companies across 18 countries make progress towards their scalability goals (including many leaders in the internet industry).  Marty and Mike have co-authored three books: “The Art of Scalability”, “Scalability Rules”, and “The Power of Customer Misbehavior.”

When and where is the workshop?

The workshop is covered over two days: Wednesday, September 21st – Thursday, September 22nd

The workshop will take place at:
District Hall
75 Northern Avenue
Boston, MA 02210

What happens after the workshop?

This year AKF is adding an Attendee Cohort component to the workshop.  All participants will be invited to join a forum designed exclusively for the attendees of each conference.  This gives you a chance to continue conversations with both other participants and the AKF team after the event concludes.  We’ll include discussions around relevant topics and you’ll have a simple, private way to communicate directly with your fellow workshop attendees.

Register Here: bostonscalabilityworkshop.eventbrite.com



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