AKF Partners started its life nearly 13 years ago with a focus, passion and construction unlike any other consulting firm.

We are a business-first consultancy, staffed not by life-long consultants, but rather by successful former CTOs, COOs and CEOs of various Fortune 500 and hyper-growth start-ups.

Unlike traditional consultants and consulting firms, AKF Partners focuses on organisations’ desired outcomes; addressing people, organizations, products, and processes – not JUST technology – to achieve them.

While we have clients in 18 countries, we have seen significant growth in demand in Europe in the past few years. As a result, we are pleased to announce that we are expanding into Europe this year and have appointed our first Partner outside the US: award-winning former Guardian Chief Digital Officer Tanya Cordrey. As is the case with all of our partners, Tanya has held several technology and product leadership roles in her career and is recognized as a thought leader on the European tech scene. She has held senior roles at high growth firms as well as leading transformation at well-known legacy organisations.

It is an exciting time to enter Europe. From 2015 to 2019, the investment in European tech companies grew from 10 billion dollars to an astonishing 35 billion. And in 2019, 40 different European tech companies raised rounds of 100 million dollars or more according to the recent Atomico State of European Tech Report.

There is also a new wave of large organisations across Europe that need help as they scale, undergoing rapid growth or transformation. We believe there is real need for our services today as more and more firms seek support from experienced former executives who can speak the language of business as well as technology.