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It’s Not About the Technology

Perhaps it’s because we’re technologists that we love shiny new technologies. However, for years now AKF has been telling anyone that will listen or read, that “scaling is not about the technology”. Scale comes from system-level or deployment-focused architecture which is the intersection of software and hardware. No doubt, we have some amazingly scalable technologies available to us today like Hadoop and MongoDB but when your entire datacenter goes down (like Amazon and Calgary and GoDaddy and Sears and the list goes on…) these scalable technologies don’t keep your service available. And if you think that your customers care whether it was your fault or your vendor’s fault…you’re wrong. They pay you for your service and expect it available when they need it.

No doubt, the technology decisions are important. Whether you use Backbone or Knockout or whether you choose Memcached or Redis, all of these technology decisions have pros and cons which can effect your team for a long time. But, at the end of the day these decisions are not ones that will affect whether your application and organization can scale with growth. These technology decisions affect the speed and cost factors of your organization and technology. Some technologies your team knows more about or are naturally faster to learn; therefore, these cost you less. Other technologies are very popular (PHP) and thus engineers’ salaries are lower because there is more supply. Yet still other technologies (assembly language) are complex, appeal to a select group of engineers, are very costly to develop in but might cost very little to process transactions because of the efficiency of that technology.

Technology decisions are important but for different reasons than scaling. Relying on a technology or single vendor to scale is risky. To the vendor or open source project, you are one of many customers and the longevity of their business or project doesn’t depend on keeping your service available. However, your business does depend on this. Take control of the future of your business by scaling your service and organization based on systems-level or deployment-focused architecture. Leave the technology decisions outside of the systems architecture.