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One of the most important aspects of managing a successful technology organization is ensuring that you are practicing & instilling the concept of enablement at all levels. This concept applies to both the product/service you are producing and for people. A good example for your organization is enabling decision-making at the lowest levels possible. I have often seen this represented as “delegation” but I believe that enablement of decision-making is a more powerful concept than delegation which is driven from the top-down. I recently had the opportunity to lead a large infrastructure team and one of the first changes we made was breaking apart into reasonable sized PODs with the primary purpose of ensuring that decisions for the product & technology were driven from the bottom-up while guidance was flowing in from various stakeholders. Many teams practice a flavor of Agile but without enabling each POD to make the appropriate decisions you will run into organizational scalability problems.

The allure of IaaS & PaaS is firmly rooted in the concept of enablement. Self-service is an amazing if you are a DBA, developer or even the end user of your product. The cloud may not be suitable for your needs but don’t let that stop your organization from thinking strategically about bringing those processes & technologies “in-house” for scalability reasons. Implemented correctly, the infrastructure and platform you are building should enable the users and not hinder them, as is sometimes the case. Reducing the number of dependencies between technology teams for launching products is not only good for cycle time of product launches but also critical in scaling up.

Consider making enablement part of your technology team’s DNA and you will likely see that employee morale, productivity and other metrics like NPS will rise.

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    in May 30th, 2013 @ 15:57

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