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Top 5 Posts

We love data and think most things should be data-driven, as is evident from our newest book that reveals how successful companies learn from customer misbehavior. This isn’t done by asking customers what they want but rather by watching them through monitoring, logs, and alerting. This concept is summarized nicely in this article we published last month. In that vein, we keep track of how people read and use this blog. In this post we thought we’d share some of the most popular posts. Here are the top 5 posts that people have been reading:

  1. The Future of IaaS and Paas
  2. JAD and ARB
  3. Dealing With Shared Services
  4. Be A Leader
  5. Fault Isolation

Not too surprising, our readers are interested in how to scale via clouds, better architectures, and improved processes. They are also interested in leadership, since without that scaling a great organization becomes impossible.

Let us know what your favorite post is. You can find a list of all our posts here.