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Why We Write

For those of you who dream about writing a book and getting rich from all the royalties, please think again. That is unless you have the last manuscript from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. The reason is that according to recent surveys, authors on average earn as little as $5K annually. True, some authors such as J.K. Rowling have sold over 400 million copies and make millions in royalties. But of the ~275K books published in the US each year, only 1,000 of them sell more than 50K and only 25,000 sell more than 5K. 93% of all books published sell less than 1K copies. The average royalty rate is around 8% of the actual sale price which is lower than the list price because of discounts to the distributor, etc. So, if an author sells 5K copies of their book, each for $20, their earnings are (5,000 x $20 x .08) = $8,000. Not bad but when you consider it takes hundreds of hours of work to write, illustrate, edit, and proof a book the ROI is pretty low.

So, why do authors write? Certainly there are personal reasons such as self satisfaction, name recognition, etc but I think authors, especially those who write several books, want to share their story/message. If you couldn’t tell from our blog, site, consultancy practice, books, etc we’re passionate about scaling. As technologist, we’ve felt the pain of struggling with scalability issues. We’ve had to explain to our business colleagues that customer facing features had to be delayed because we had to work on keeping the site up. We’ve felt the pain and over the years we’ve learned how to scale. It definitely wasn’t overnight and we made our share of mistakes but ultimately we were taught or figured out methods that work when scaling systems. We want everyone to know about these methods. Whether we get the chance to meet with your team in one of our engagements, you read our blog, or you buy the books we want people to know about these concepts.

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This is why we write. We are passionate about scaling and want to share our knowledge with people. We hope you enjoy reading our writing and most of all we hope you get at least a couple good ideas on how to scale from it.