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279 Days

If you are reading this you are probably not a “nonconformist” looking to make your living  as a full time blogger and travel to at least 20 countries a year or then again, maybe you are. More than likely you are either in a start up or dreaming of a start up. Either way there are lessons for you in Chris Guillebeau’s manifesto 279 Days to Overnight Success. Chris is a self proclaimed nonconformist who makes his living from his blog that he posts to twice per week and spends almost all his other time traveling. This 79 page document is how he did it.

What initially attracted me to this wa the title. As we’ve posted about before getting from idea to product takes time and seldom happens overnight. Beside the intriguing title there are two concepts in this that make it worth reading. The first is that it is important to listen to your customers. Chris states that after interacting with your community you will likely have a general idea of their interest but don’t stop there, “directly ask your readers what they want and how you can help them.” This sounds like great advice for product marketers and product managers, don’t stop with a general understanding of what your customers want or what your competitors are doing, go deeper.

The second interesting concept is on rule-breaking. As a nonconformist we can only imagine how eager Chris was to break rules and prove he could do it differently, and he has. Chris states “…you can break some of the conventional rules, but usually not all at the same time.” I think that’s pretty good advice, break the rules but not all at the same time.