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UC Berkeley's take on cloud computing

Researchers at UC Berkeley have outlined their take on cloud computing in an paper “Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing.” They cover a lot of material in this paper and it’s well worth reading.  Section 7 was particularly interesting to us because it covers the top 10 obstacles that companies must overcome in order to utilize the cloud.  According to them these are:

  • Availability of service
  • Data lock-in
  • Data confidentiality and auditability
  • Data transfer bottlenecks
  • Performance unpredictability
  • Scalable storage
  • Bugs in large distributed systems
  • Scaling quickly
  • Reputation fate sharing
  • Software licensing


These look very similar to our top five concerns that we outlined in our article on Venturebeat.com.  Our list was:

  • Security
  • Non-portability
  • Control (availability)
  • Limitations (non-persistent storage) 
  • Performance

Their article concludes with “Although Cloud Computing providers may run afoul of the obstacles …we believe that over the long run providers will successfully navigate these challenges…” They continue saying “Hence, developers would be wise to design their next generation of systems to be deployed into Cloud Computing.”  

We agree and reiterate our conclusion from “The Cloud Isn’t For Everyone

“Of course, most importantly, we should all keep an eye on how cloud computing evolves over the coming months and years. This technology has the potential to change the fundamental cost and organization structures of most SaaS companies. And as cloud providers mature, we’re sure they’ll address our top five concerns, becoming more viable companies in their own right.”