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Tools of Your Profession

Have you noticed anglers walking through an airport carrying custom cases for their fishing rods?  Or musicians with their hard shell instrument cases?  This got me thinking about how we treat the instrument of our passion is quite telling.  As an engineer you most likely take time to customize your computer but beyond setting up your favorite IDE what else do you do?  Do you care for it with periodic maintenance?  Do you carry your laptop in a special bag?  Do you upgrade components of your machine? 

I have no scientific evidence but as an engineer, I think how you carry and care for your machine tells a lot about how you feel about programming.  Is it a pursuit of passion such as music?  When you feel passion about something it makes sense that you take extra care of the instrument of that passion.  The next time you interview an engineer, ask him or her about their machine and see if their eyes light up.  If they do you’ve probably found someone who is passionate about their profession.