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Tom Keeven

Tom Keeven

Partner Emeritus

Tom is a veteran IT and technology executive with both Fortune 500 executive and startup executive experience. Tom’s experience includes 6 years at eBay where he was VP of Infrastructure, VP of Operations and VP of Architecture. Tom oversaw all of eBay’s technical operations globally, including those of its wholly owned subsidiaries such as PayPal. Tom helped grow the technical infrastructure to achieve world class availability and scalability ultimately serving billions of requests per day and was a member of eBay’s Extended Executive Staff.

Prior to eBay, Tom held executive management position in Operation and Architecture at Gateway and Gateway Country stores. Prior to Gateway, Tom held executive management positions in Whirlpools Global operations organization. He managed infrastructure and operations organizations on three continents.

Tom attended Ferris State and serves on the technical advisory boards of Salesforce.com, Rearden Commerce, LiveOps, Goldmail, Tiversa and Bix.com.