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David Blatherwick

David Blatherwick


Spanning over a dozen diverse business-verticals, David is a technology and leader with over 30 years of experience in software product and services companies. He has served in numerous roles including CTO, EVP, VP and Executive Director of Engineering and Software. He joins AKF bringing with him his deep technology, product development and management, and leadership experience. David has a rich history of bringing breakthrough software products to market in banking, healthcare, communications, web scale consumer applications, and mobile technology.

In his former position as Director of Software Products at Sybase, an SAP company, he led the development and delivery of the IBM MQ Integrator product suite, served on the Microsoft BizTalk Steering Committee, and the Sybase Strategic Vision Committee. While Senior Vice President of Software Development at Recondo Technology, he secured investor funding through the demonstration of viable, revolutionary technology targeted to the creation of a market driven healthcare system. As Director of Software Products at TeleTech, he created and led a software product company, CES, dedicated to the development and delivery of a new paradigm in customer to business interactions and relationship management. David earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Colorado.