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Chris Hoover

Chris Hoover


Chris Hoover is a consultant with AKF Partners. Prior to joining AKF, Chris founded and operated Critical Concoctions, a media company focused on aerial (drone), interactive VR, and high risk media productions. Prior to his media production work, Chris served the military for 8 years as a naval officer. His first assignment was as a nuclear submarine officer, where he primarily functioned as a shift supervisor of nuclear reactor plant operations and later of comprehensive submarine-wide operations.

Following his service at sea, Chris worked with the US Dept of State and foreign militaries to coordinate diplomatic events around Europe. Chris completed his naval service at The University of Texas at Austin where he instructed engineering, leadership, and naval operations courses while mentoring ROTC officer candidates in preparation for their service.

Chris holds a BS in computer science from the United States Naval Academy and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.