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Meet the AKF Partners Team!


Curtis Nielsen

Sr. Consultant

Curtis brings 14 years of experience and leadership in startup and small-business settings, with an insatiable curiosity and a joy of building and innovating.

Prior to joining AKF Partners, he worked at Idaho National Labs where he helped invent a technology which later received an R&D 100 award.  He subsequently spun out this technology and co-founded 5D Robotics, where he directed the software engineering and helped secure funding for the company.  He has a handful of patents, and has co-authored dozens of articles in the field of human-robot interaction, including leveraging robots to find explosive, chemical, or radiological hazards.

More recently, Curtis entered the world of entrepreneurialism as a full-stack developer, leading development for startups in a variety of industries, including mobile games, healthcare, computer vision, and enterprise cloud-based systems.

Curtis completed a PhD in Computer Science from Brigham Young University.  In college, he received the Dean’s award for outstanding service to the BYU community for organizing thousands of hours of service. He has continued his love of service as a Lego Robotics coach, humanitarian, and youth leader.