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Thanks for Everything Mr. Jobs

I know I’ll remember where I was and what I was doing when Steve Jobs passed away.  You simply can’t do what we do for a living – what we’ve done for a good portion of our lives – and not have had Steve touch a significant portion of your life.

It’s not just about what Mr. Jobs did at Apple, or about his insane product genius, or about his seemingly super-human ability to bring innovative products to market at just the right time (or almost the right time in the case of the Newton).    While those things alone would absolutely be enough to take a few minutes and remember him, his impact reached far beyond Apple or the direct users of his products.

Steve, though his genius, created new market segments and made existing and dominant players in existing segments even better.  While the Windows interface has been much maligned (in many cases rightfully so) for years, imagine where it would be without Apple and the Mac to chase in usability.  How much longer would we have been fumbling around with CD and Tape Walkmans without the iPod and how much worse would our workouts be because of it?  How many more years would we be lamenting the existing tablet computer industry had it not been for the iPad?  When would computer mice have gone mainstream if not for the Mac?  Would we still primarily be using dot matrix printers without Apple finding a way to introduce the laser printer to the mass market?

You went way too early Steve.  Thanks for everything that you’ve given us – both the things that you and your companies created as well as the standard of excellence you set for your competitors.