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Federated Cloud

In an interesting paper in the IBM Journal of Research and Development, the concept of a federated cloud model is introduced. This model is one in which computing infrastructure providers can join together to create a federated cloud. The advantages pointed out in the article include cost savings due to not over provisioning for spikes in capacity demand. To me the biggest advantage of this federated model is the lack of reliance on a single vendor and likely higher availability due to greater distribution of computing resources across different infrastructure. One of our primary aversions to a complete cloud hosting solution is the reliance on a single vendor for the entire availability of your site. A true federated cloud would eliminate this issue.

However, as the article aptly points out there are many obstacles in the way of achieving such a federated cloud. Not the least of which are technical challenges to architect applications in such a modular manner as to be able to start and stop components in different clouds as demand requires. Other issues include administrative control and monitoring of multiple clouds and security concerns over allowing direct access to hypervisors by other cloud providers.

As we’ve prognosticated, pure VM based clouds like AWS have had to offer dedicated servers for those high intensity IO systems like large relational databases. We’ve also predicted that with double digit growth in cloud services predicted for the next several years, providers will resist the commoditization of their offerings through service differentiation. This attempt at differentiation will come in the form of add-on features and simplification across the entire PDLC. This unfortunately makes the likelihood of a federated cloud offering happening in the next couple of years very unlikely.

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  • buy gold

    in May 11th, 2011 @ 13:23

    No doubt youve been following Intels Cloud 2015 vision announcements. A core element of our strategy is the notion of federated. The federated cloud simply means that enterprises can procure compute capacity on demand and safely share data and compute across internal and external clouds. Move your application and data to the cloud or between cloudsYour enterprise may see a sudden surge in demand or may need to move its compute environment for business continuity.

  • Michael Carabini

    in May 11th, 2011 @ 20:59

    …………………….By John Considine..Last week Citrix announced OpenAccess and OpenBridge two new offerings for cloud computing. OpenAccess focuses on single sign-on and identity management while OpenBridge is designed to allow connections between local resources and cloud resources.