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Ethics Fail

If you are a somewhat frequent reader of our blog, or have read our book, you know that we often speak of ethics.  Some people wonder why we discuss ethics so frequently.  Well, this moron kind of makes our case for us (taken from his Amazon 1-star review of our book):

“Jeez, don’t they realize that in this day and age, “personal success is everything”, only a fool would put shareholder value ahead of his own personal gain.”

Obviously a graduate of the Ken Lay/Enron school of management, this blossoming product genius also gave the Apple iPod Nano a 1-star rating.  We’re in pretty good company I guess.  He did, however, give “Speak English Like an American” a 4-star rating, which will likely make this ethics terrorist hard for the TSA profilers to catch.

There’s also no doubting this genius’ power of reading comprehension.  He asks “Did they read the classic “the mythical man month”? Probably not.”  Well, at least not other than the mentions in Chapters 9 and 28 anyway.  But thanks for double checking us pal…

Sorry – we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to point out exactly why it is necessary to talk about ethics.  If, like us, you feel it’s necessary to rip on those who are morally bankrupt, feel free to comment on his review of our book here.

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  • Swen

    in March 13th, 2010 @ 02:03

    He thinks that 1% of 2 gives 0.01…

  • Wabb

    in March 13th, 2010 @ 06:01

    Thanks Swen. We can add math genius to his list of accomplishments now.