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2017 Scalability Workshop Series

By Drew  |  Posted on January, 15 2017

AKF Partners Scalability Workshops are a unique two-day event designed for current CTOs, VPs of Engineering, Chief Architects, and other technology executives who want to improve their management, leadership, and technology skills.  Marty Abbott and Drew Morrell from AKF Partners share their combined decades of experience as CTOs and technology executives at both large organizations and start-ups.

Upcoming 2017 Workshops:

AKF Scalability Workshop – New York
September 13 - 14, 2017

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Quotes from Past Participants:

“Imagine taking decades of experience and packing it into two days. Highly recommended for any technical executive, no matter what stage the company is in.”

“I have a much more holistic picture on what it takes to scale an organization and it’s technology, and have more tools to help me do so.”

“It’s a must for anyone trying to scale their platform. The level of people, both presenters and participants, was first rate.”

“Great session, we enjoyed the discussions with the other companies, and some of the ideas are already having an impact on our processes and planning.”

“This is a great training and experience. We’ve been learning, networking and having a lot of fun.”

“Best overall CTO conference I’ve been to! I enjoyed the open dialog and conversations throughout the event.”

“AKF’s positive obsession with the need for technology organizations to add value by effectively scaling human talent and technical components should be required training for technology leaders.”

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